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Welcome to my homepage ... a place that is for people interested in VRML. It is for newcomers to the technology, 'old hands', and all those people who enjoy chatting in a 3d environment.

You will find links to some of my 3d chat worlds, the tools I use most of the time ... and as I get more organized to tutorials, scipts and PROTOs I make use of. I will also be adding information and links to some of my VRML experiments.

I have been building VRML works for about 5 years. During that time I have tried a number of VRML viewers including Cosmo Player, Cortona and most currently Blaxxun Contact V5+.

Although they are all good viewers (sadly Cosmo Player has disappeared from the scene), I now build mainly for Blaxxun Contact. This is due to the fact I build for 3d chat worlds, I like some of the extensions that Contact has, and just the feel of warmth that Contact offers in rendering.

So, to enjoy the site and the VRML ... Blaxxun Contact is recommended.

If you are looking for the stand alone version of *Ripper: A Virtual Tour* please go here >>

If you are looking for the stand alone version of *The Mines of Tindalos* which requires Cortona please go here >>

Enjoy your visit,

Peter 'griff' Griffith


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